Archive: Nov 2018

SCHUFA, a black box: OpenSCHUFA results published


Data journalists of Spiegel Online and Bayerischer Rundfunk analyzed roughly 2000 credit reports donated to OpenSCHUFA.

AccessNow maps regulatory proposals for Artificial Intelligence in Europe – our take


AlgorithmWatch welcomes the report by AccessNow on mapping regulatory proposals for Artificial Intelligence in Europe. It provides a good starting point for the ongoing work that will need to be under…

Why Zuckerberg’s “Independent Governance and Oversight” board is not gonna fly (but some of his other ideas are at least worth discussing)


Mark Zuckerberg is all for regulation of social media all of sudden. What’s wrong with that picture?…

How YouTube’s algorithm amplified the right during Chemnitz


Video of Ray Serrato's presentation at the 1st Meetup on Algorithmic Accountability Reporting of AlgorithmWatch, 5 November 2018…

Two new researchers join the AlgorithmWatch team


A warm welcome to Veronika Thiel and Sebastian Gießler, who are now working as researchers for the projects "Atlas of Automation" and "Automated Human Resources Management and Workplace Democracy".

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