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Spanish inmates not to be automatically monitored in fear of AI Act

Spanish region Catalonia’s government approved the use of an Artificial Intelligence-based software to monitor inmates and interpret their behavior. Partially funded by the European Union, the system was to be implemented at the Mas d'Enric prison near Tarragona, a city south of Barcelona, and extended to other regional prisons. Ultimately, it wasn't.

19 March 2024


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AlgorithmWatch proposals on mitigating election risks for online platforms

Despite hopes that the Digital Services Act could protect against online risks during upcoming elections, this looks increasingly unlikely due to delays and issues in implementation. The EU Commission has sought input on how to mitigate election risks, and AlgorithmWatch has responded.

"Voting" by justgrimes is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


19 February 2024

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Austria’s social security invests over €50m in AI – just  for bookkeeping?

The company that manages the technical infrastructure of Austria’s health insurance system passed a massive tender for AI services. The plan is shrouded in secrecy, even though the company’s track record urges caution.

View of the building hosting IT-SV's offices. CC-BY-SA Viennpixelart

Fighting in the dark: How Europeans push back against rogue AI

Automated systems go astray, they contribute to child sexual violence, deny people their social benefits, or block organizations' online presence. The affected people often feel helpless when their rights are violated, but some are taking up the fight while current laws fail to protect the victims.

An illustration of the protagonists of the story. Top: Camille Lextray, Jerzy Afanasjew. Bottom: Anastasia Dedyukhina, Miriam Al Adib, Soizic Pénicaud.
Léo Verrier


14 February 2024

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DSA Day and platform risks

Got Complaints? Want Data? Digital Service Coordinators will have your back – or will they?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is the EU’s new regulation against risks from online platforms and search engines. It has been in effect since 2023, but 17 February 2024 marks “DSA Day,” on which many of the regulation’s most impactful provisions come into force.


6 February 2024


How not to: We failed at analyzing public discourse on AI with ChatGPT

We wanted to collect data on how newspapers wrote about AI. Swayed by the sirens of OpenAI, we thought that using a Large Language Model was the best way to do such a massive text analysis. Alas, we failed. But LLMs are probably not to blame.

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22 January 2024


Third cohort of AlgorithmWatch fellows will investigate discrimination in the financial sector

As part of AlgorithmWatch's algorithmic accountability reporting fellowship, seven journalists and researchers will work together to unveil discriminating outcomes and practices arising from the use of automated decision making systems in Europe's financial sector.

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New study: Research on Microsoft Bing Chat

AI Chatbot produces misinformation about elections

Bing Chat, the AI-driven chatbot on Microsoft’s search engine Bing, makes up false scandals about real politicians and invents polling numbers. Microsoft seems unable or unwilling to fix the problem. These findings are based on a joint investigation by AlgorithmWatch and AI Forensics, the final report of which has been published today. We tested if the chatbot would provide factual answers when prompted about the Bavarian, Hessian, and Swiss elections that took place in October 2023.


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SustAIn Magazine #3 – A Different Take on AI: We Decide What AI Has To Do for Us

A data scientist had found that their work (the algorithm depicted on their laptop screen) has ‘jumped’ out of the screen and threatens to cause problems with a variety of different industries. Here a hospital, bus and siren could represent healthcare, transport and emergency services. The data scientist looks shocked and worried about what trouble the AI may cause there.

Making sense of the Digital Services Act

How to define platforms’ systemic risks to democracy

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If the UN wants to help humanity, it should not fall for AI hype

EU’s AI Act fails to set gold standard for human rights

Press release

EU Parliament votes on AI Act; member states will have to plug surveillance loopholes


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EU’s AI Act fails to set gold standard for human rights

Yet to be delivered: labor rights in the gig economy

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