AlgorithmWatch receives Theodor-Heuss-Medal 2018


8 March 2018

On 16 June 2018 AlgorithmWatch will be awarded the Theodor Heuss Medal for "encouraging a differentiated debate about criteria for development of artificial intelligence", as the Theodor Heuss Foundation states.

The Theodor Heuss Award Foundation is a nonpartisan entity and was founded in 1964 after the death of Germany first Federal President. In order to remember Theodor Heuss' political accomplishments, the Award honors examples of engagement for civil courage and democratic empowerment to "point out what needs to be done in our democracy, how it needs to be shaped without ever being completed" (Carl Friedrich v. Weizsäcker, 1965). Former awardees include Finance-Watch, Oxfam Germany and the Free Software Foundation.

This year's awards are dedicated to the topic "Coded Freedom - Latitude of Responsibility". Alongside AlgorithmWatch the projects "aula - Schule gemeinsam gestalten" (an online platform that aims to foster students' democratic participation) and "Jugend hackt" (a project that sponsors networking and technical skills of young people) receive a Medal as well. The author Yvonne Hofstetter will be awarded the Theodor Heuss Prize 2018.

The award ceremony takes place on 16 June 2018 at Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The day before the awardees will attend a colloquium to discuss the annual topic.

If you are interested in participating in the colloquium and/or the award ceremony, please contact the Theodor Heuss Foundation: