AutoCheck workshops on Automated Decision-Making Systems and Discrimination

Understanding causes, recognizing cases, supporting those affected: documents for implementing a workshop.

As one of the main outcomes of the project AutoCheck – a Guide about Automated Decision-Making Systems for Equality Bodies, we provide documents for implementing a workshop about the discrimination risks of ADM systems. The workshop is about the following questions:

The workshop is designed for employees of anti-discrimination offices in Germany. By building competencies in this increasingly important field, we hope to enable these employees to better recognize and assess risks to support those affected by discrimination.

You should meet one of the following requirements to use our materials while conducting a workshop on "Automated Decision-Making Systems and Discrimination":

  1. You participated in a multiplier workshop as part of the AutoCheck project.
  2. You are familiar with discrimination risks through ADM systems as well as anti-discrimination work in Germany and have experience in implementing workshops.

In any case, we recommend reading the "Automated Decision-Making Systems and Discrimination" guidebook before conducting a workshop.

Workshop material:

Download all workshop materials as a package: ZIP file, 6 MB

In case you are interested in having us conduct a workshop for you or your organization, please feel free to contact Jessica Wulf.

Funded by

Antidiskrimierungsstelle des Bundes

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