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14 December 2022

#JobAlert: We’re looking for an Office Manager & Team Assistant

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7 December 2022

A guide to the EU’s new rules for researcher access to platform data

Thanks to the Digital Services Act (DSA), public interest researchers in the EU have a new legal framework to access and study internal data held by major tech platforms. What does this framework look like, and how can it be put into practice?

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26 October 2022

AlgorithmWatch is offering 5 fellowships in algorithmic accountability reporting

Fellows will receive €1,200 per month during 6 months and will report on automated decision-making in Europe.

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21 September 2022 (update: 22 August 2023)

A guide to the Digital Services Act, the EU’s new law to rein in Big Tech

Everything you need to know about the Digital Services Act (DSA), Europe’s new law to make powerful tech platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter more transparent and accountable for the risks they pose to society.

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19 September 2022

Video: AI Regulation and the UN’s Global Digital Compact

The quest of AI regulation will start to be addressed in a Global Digital Compact currently being prepared for the Summit of the Future in September 2023. Watch the AI related issues debated by a panel of experts hosted by AlgorithmWatch and the World Federalist Movement / Institute of Global Policy's Transnational Working Group on AI.

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13 September 2022

A European newsroom to investigate automated systems

AlgorithmWatch is delighted to announce that the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie is funding a decentralized newsroom to investigate automated systems in Europe.

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26 August 2022 (update: 20 December 2023)

A guide to the AI Act, the EU’s upcoming AI rulebook you should watch out for

The EU will regulate Artificial Intelligence across all sectors. A process highly fought over by the interests of Big Tech and those seeking to guard fundamental rights and people’s interest. This guide will help you understand the new law, which systems could be banned, and how you might be affected by the new regulation.

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21 July 2022

#Jobalert: We’re looking for a social media and content manager

30-40h/week | Berlin

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Catherine Breslin / Better Images of AI / Silicon Closeup / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0

Opinion, 5 July 2022

The Digital Services Act: It’s time for Europe to turn the tables on Big Tech

The EU’s new Digital Services Act is a blueprint for forcing Facebook, Youtube, and other major online platforms to tackle the serious risks they pose to individuals and the public sphere. Its success now depends on whether EU officials will effectively enforce the law.

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25 May 2022

Press release

Christina Elmer joins AlgorithmWatch as shareholder

Christina Elmer, Professor of Digital Journalism at TU Dortmund University and one of the most renowned data journalists in Germany, becomes a new shareholder of the non-profit watchdog organization.

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