Our response to the EDPB’s guidelines on facial recognition in law enforcement

The European Data Protection Board has called for input on its recently published guidelines on the use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement. AlgorithmWatch responded.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

AlgorithmWatch welcomes The European Data Protection Board’s (EDPB) guidelines on the use of facial recognition technology in the area of law enforcement. In the framework of a public consultation, we have commented on specific aspects of the guidelines that are essential for the protection of our fundamental rights in this highly sensitive area.

In our response, we reflect on potential loopholes which can enable biometric mass surveillance in publicly accessible spaces, as well as on the dangers stemming from not accounting for the development and sale/export of facial recognition technology to third countries for use in law enforcement. Furthermore, we focused on how enhanced transparency and public scrutiny for the deployment of the technology should be facilitated.

Read our submission here:

AlgorithmWatch very much appreciates the EDPB’s guidelines and the public consultation process. We’re looking forward to such collaborations in the future because the EDPB and civil society have a common goal: the protection of our basic human rights and democracies. We value pluralism while surveillance and power asymmetries stand for the opposite.

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