Shout-out to our guest researchers: Luis, Avalon & Leonard

Meet the current guest researchers, who joined AlgorithmWatch in the fall: Luis Windpassinger, Avalon Wolfe & Leonard Haas


2 December 2020

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A lot has happened at AlgorithmWatch in the last weeks and months: We have launched publications and hosted online events of high-profile projects like Automating Society and Governing Platforms. We have set up AlgorithmWatch Switzerland and we are working on new exciting projects such as DataSkop and the Digital Autonomy Hub. This was also made possible thanks to the great support of our wonderful guest researchers and research assistants, who have been working with us since the fall: We are very happy to have you on board, Luis, Avalon and Leonard!

Luis Windpassinger

Luis is a student at the College of Communication of the University of Amsterdam and will join AlgorithmWatch as a Guest Researcher this fall. Coming from the field of Communication and Media Studies, he mainly supports the PR department of AlgorithmWatch. While having worked at different organizations in the European tech startup scene, Luis has been interested in the intersection of technology and society for a while, both personally and academically, which brought him to AlgorithmWatch. He regards himself as an intermediary between technology experts and the broader society, which he contributes to his work at AlgorithmWatch.


Avalon Wolfe

Avalon is a student at Stanford University majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Computer Science and Ethics and Technology and will join AlgorithmWatch as a Guest Researcher this fall. She is passionate about the intersection of policy and technology, and she is currently writing a senior honors thesis that centers on data privacy. Avalon has previous experience interning in the United States Congress and researching both European privacy law and the interplay between AI and human rights, and she is excited to use this knowledge to contribute to AlgorithmWatch’s work.


Leonard Haas

Leonard Haas works as a research assistant at AlgorithmWatch. He is returning to the organization after starting his Master's in the field of Social Sciences at the Humboldt University Berlin, after co-authoring the project AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory in early 2020. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Leipzig in Digital Humanities and Political Science. His research focuses on the automation of work and governance. In addition, he is interested in public interest data policy and labor struggles in the tech industry.