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EU Parliament approves its negotiating position on the DSA

Platforms oppressing public interest research: EU Commission responds to MEP Breyer’s question concerning AlgorithmWatch

DSA milestone: EU lawmakers have responded to our calls for meaningful transparency for big tech

Holding platforms accountable: The DSA must empower vetted public interest research to reign in platform risks to the public sphere

Under Facebook’s thumb: Platforms must stop suppressing public interest research

The DSA proposal is a good start. Now policymakers must ensure that it has teeth.

Podcast: The EU Digital Services Act – Why data access matters

Civil Society Coalition Led by AlgorithmWatch Calls for Binding Transparency Rules for Online Platforms

Beyond the buzzwords: Putting meaningful transparency at the heart of the Digital Services Act

Our response to the European Commission’s planned Digital Services Act

Hey researchers! Have you been ‘left on read’ by platforms? Share your stories!

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