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Foto von Isaac Mehegan auf Unsplash

Story18 September 2023

Automated navigation systems are still wreaking havoc on small towns’ streets

Apps like Google and Waze are redirecting traffic to secondary roads that are not equipped to handle the traffic, disrupting their infrastructure. Small cities have little capacity to change this.

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Marine National Park
Photo by Hugo Vidal on Unsplash

Story2 November 2021

National parks near Marseilles deploy automated, live video surveillance against poachers

Two national parks in southern France want to automate the detection of poachers, but the efficacy of these systems remains unclear.

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Jean-Noël Dollé |flickr

Story23 November 2020

French tax authority pushes for automated controls despite mixed results

Since 2014, a team of data-scientists supports local tax offices to help them identify complex fraud. But the motive could be more base: to make tax collectors redundant.

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Erika Fletcher |Unsplash

Story18 September 2020

In French daycare, algorithms attempt to fight cronyism

In many cities, it is unclear whose children can hope for a place in a public daycare facility. Algorithms could make the allocation of places more transparent, but not all politicians are happy.

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Médiathèque Pierre Fanlac de Périgueux

Story11 February 2020

Between care and control: 200 years of health data in France

The French “Health Data Hub” will soon offer health data on all French citizens to AI startups that request it. It is the latest step in a project to centralize health information that began 200 years ago and kept oscillating between care and control, but mostly control.

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