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Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Story23 September 2022

Greece plans automated drones to spot people crossing border

The Greek Migration Ministry announced it would use EU-funded drones with “Artificial Intelligence” to track people seeking refuge at the border. Promises that they will also improve search and rescue operations ring hollow. 

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Εφημερίδα ΠΡΙΝ | Flickr

Story28 January 2021

Flush with EU funds, Greek police to introduce live face recognition before the summer

Greek police are due to receive gear that allows for real-time face recognition during police patrols. Despite concerns that the system could seriously affect civil liberties, details about the project are scarce.

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Artiom Vallat |Unsplash

Story31 July 2020

Broken Horizon: In Greece, research in automation fails to find applications

Greek researchers led hundreds of research projects that involved automation, but very few found their way into real-life uses. Opinions differ on where the innovation pipeline is clogged.

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