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Lake Prespa - CC-BY Polina F

Story, 19 December 2023

Greece is planning a €40m automated surveillance system at borders with North Macedonia and Albania

The European Commission wants Greece to build an automated wall to prevent some people from leaving the country. Locals are not enthusiastic, but their opinion counts for little.

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Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Story, 23 September 2022

Greece plans automated drones to spot people crossing border

The Greek Migration Ministry announced it would use EU-funded drones with “Artificial Intelligence” to track people seeking refuge at the border. Promises that they will also improve search and rescue operations ring hollow. 

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Εφημερίδα ΠΡΙΝ | Flickr

Story, 28 January 2021

Flush with EU funds, Greek police to introduce live face recognition before the summer

Greek police are due to receive gear that allows for real-time face recognition during police patrols. Despite concerns that the system could seriously affect civil liberties, details about the project are scarce.

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Artiom Vallat |Unsplash

Story, 31 July 2020

Broken Horizon: In Greece, research in automation fails to find applications

Greek researchers led hundreds of research projects that involved automation, but very few found their way into real-life uses. Opinions differ on where the innovation pipeline is clogged.

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