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Story, 17 April 2023

The algorithm that blew up Italy’s school system 

An algorithm was supposed to save time by allocating teachers on short-term contracts to schools automatically. Failures in the code and in the design severely disrupted teachers’ lives.

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Story, 10 October 2022

Italian neofascists considered building an authoritarian AI to solve unemployment. They are far from alone.

The neofascist party Brothers of Italy proposed to use Artificial Intelligence to assign young people mandatory jobs. The idea has a lot in common with “algorithmic solutions” to unemployment in other EU countries.

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Analysis, 9 May 2021

In Italy, general practitioners and some regions adopt COVID-19 vaccine prioritization algorithms

Amid a chaotic rollout of the national vaccination plan, the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (FIMMG) and some regions in Italy are resorting to algorithms to more efficiently priorities who gets vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Blog, 13 November 2020

Italian country issue of the Automating Society Report 2020 released

The Automating Society Report 2020 by AlgorithmWatch and Bertelsmann Stiftung is now available as a special Italian edition.

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Story, 16 September 2020

In Italy, an appetite for face recognition in football stadiums

Right before the pandemic, the government and top sports authorities were planning a massive deployment of face recognition and sound surveillance technologies in all Italian football stadiums. The reason? To help fight racism

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