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Thomas Stephan |Unsplash

Story, 13 August 2020

Under the Twitter streetlight: How data scarcity distorts research

As part of our #LeftOnRead campaign, several researchers testified to the reluctance of online platforms to provide useful data. Many resort to studying Twitter, which is more accommodating than most.

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Campaign, 9 July 2020

Hey researchers! Have you been ‘left on read’ by platforms? Share your stories!

Platforms routinely refuse to provide data for public interest investigations—leaving researchers feeling snubbed. Sound familiar? Tell us your story!

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Morning Brew |Unsplash (edited)

Story, 9 July 2020

Left on Read: How Facebook and others keep researchers in the dark

Internet platforms routinely deny researchers access to data or arbitrarily accede to their requests, hampering social science in the process.

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