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Wynand van Poortvliet | Unsplash

Story, 25 November 2020

Dutch city uses algorithm to assess home value, but has no idea how it works

In a seemingly routine case at the Amsterdam court of appeal, a judge ruled that it was acceptable for a municipality to use a black-box algorithm, as long as the results were unsurprising.

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Zicht op kruising Europaweg en Boerhaavelaan in Haarlem.
Jeroen van Lieshout |flickr

Story, 6 April 2020

How Dutch activists got an invasive fraud detection algorithm banned

The Dutch government has been using SyRI, a secret algorithm, to detect possible social welfare fraud. Civil rights activists have taken the matter to court and managed to get public organizations to think about less repressive alternatives.

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Husky | Wikipedia

Interview, 9 December 2019

Dutch MP Kees Verhoeven wants a registry of “heavy” algorithms – but it shouldn’t be public

On September 10, Dutch MP Kees Verhoeven put forward a motion in the Dutch parliament, together with MP Harry van der Molen, to create a mandatory register for all public-sector algorithms. He explains how this register could be implemented.

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