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If you want to learn more about our policy & advocacy work on ADM in the public sector, get in touch with:

Anne Mollen
Senior Research Associate
Nikolett Aszódi
Policy & Advocacy Manager

Campaign: ADM and People on the Move

Borders without AI

Campaign: ADM and People on the Move

The automated Fortress Europe: No place for human rights

The algorithmic administration: automated decision-making in the public sector

Italy introduces entirely automated public tenders


If the UN wants to help humanity, it should not fall for AI hype

Spanish inmates not to be automatically monitored in fear of AI Act

Austria’s social security invests over €50m in AI – just  for bookkeeping?

Battle in Strasbourg: Civil society fights for safeguards against AI harms

Automation on the Move

The algorithm that blew up Italy’s school system 

Joint statement: The EU AI Act must protect people on the move

Civil society responds to the Council of Europe Treaty on AI

EU rules for AI have some distance to go

Our response to the EDPB’s guidelines on facial recognition in law enforcement

Submission to the UN report on the right to privacy in the digital age

Council of Europe creates rules for Artificial Intelligence

Members of the European Parliament could protect us from biometric surveillance – if they wanted to

Civil society reacts to EP AI Act draft Report

A Milestone in the AI Act negotiations

AlgorithmWatch’s demands for improving the AI Act

Joint Statement ahead of negotiations on legal framework on AI in the Council of Europe

Algorithmic Discrimination – How to adjust German anti-discrimination law

AlgorithmWatch signs statement on ban of predictive policing in the Artificial Intelligence Act

Human rights and activities of tech companies: Governments must act

Automated Decision-Making Systems in the Public Sector – Some Recommendations

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