Julia Bornkessel | CC BY 4.0

Team , 11 March 2021

The AlgorihmWatch team continues to grow: new faces 2021

In the last 12 months, the number of AlgorithmWatch team members has more than doubled. We are happy to introduce the new colleagues who joined us at the beginning of 2021. Welcome, Mira, Kerstin, Gregor, Leonie and Jens!

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Jonas Tebbe |Unsplash

Team, 2 December 2020

Shout-out to our guest researchers: Luis, Avalon & Leonard

Meet the current guest researchers, who joined AlgorithmWatch in the fall: Luis Windpassinger, Avalon Wolfe & Leonard Haas

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Kilian Amendola | Unsplash

Job opening, 21 January 2020

Job offer: Head of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland

We are looking for an experienced colleague to establish and lead AlgorithmWatch Switzerland.

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Job opening, 18 December 2019

Join the AlgortihmWatch team: We’re looking for a Policy & Advocacy Manager

We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Policy and Advocacy Manager

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Team, 26 September 2019

Meet our Mozilla Fellow: Anouk Ruhaak

We are delighted to welcome our new Mozilla Fellow Anouk Ruhaak, who will join our team for almost a year.

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Team, 9 September 2019

Meet the newest members of the AlgorithmWatch team

Over the summer, the AlgorithmWatch team has expanded by three new members. We are delighted to introduce our new colleagues: Mackenzie, Nicolas and Fabio.

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