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Story, 9 December 2022

Wolt: Couriers’ feelings don’t always match the transparency report

In August, the Finnish delivery service Wolt published its first “algorithmic transparency report”. We asked three couriers about their experiences. They don't always match the report’s contents.

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Story, 2 September 2022

Digital Bouncers: AI in Recruiting

Automated decision-making systems are increasingly used by companies to decide who is best for a job. Applicants are worried about being rejected by a machine, based on programmed prejudices. In Switzerland, employers are especially reluctant to speak about the hiring algorithms that they use.

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Story, 31 August 2021

LinkedIn automatically rates “out-of-country” candidates as “not fit” in job applications

A feature on LinkedIn automatically rates candidates applying from another EU country as “not a fit”, which may be illegal. I asked 6 national and European agencies about the issue. None seemed interested in enforcing the law.

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Videos, 19 May 2021

Correlation, causation & proxy variables?

The field of automated decision systems is far-reaching and complex. Technical concepts are often difficult to understand for users and affected individuals, which makes such systems even more obscure than they already are. With our explanatory videos, we offer an easy introduction to important basic concepts. We hope to shed some light on the "black box" of algorithms and explain risks associated with automated decision-making in the context of human resources.

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Guideline, 13 May 2021

Reviewing essential features of AI-based systems for works councils and other staff representatives

Questions that works councils should ask management before implementing new systems, or about systems already in place. Along with the questions, this guide also explains how to classify answers and what they should include.

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Publication, 7 May 2021

People analytics in the workplace – how to effectively enforce labor rights

Increasingly, complex computational systems are being used to monitor, score, manage, promote and even fire employees. These systems are often referred to as people analytics. They have the potential to profoundly influence, alter, and redirect the lives of people at work, and therefore impact their life chances in general. In order for people to not suffer from the use of these systems but ideally benefit from it, there needs to be a comprehensive governance framework. Here’s how we will get there.

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Story, 15 May 2020

Finland: How to unionize when your boss is an algorithm and you’re self-employed

A group of Finnish couriers launched the Justice4Couriers campaign in 2018. Although they are technically self-employed, they must obey the whims of their platform’s algorithm. They are fighting back.

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Analysis , 12 March 2020

People Analytics must benefit the people

In his study, Michele Loi of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine at the University of Zurich develops recommendations on how systems for automated HR management can be used in an ethically responsible manner.

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蔡 嘉宇 | Unsplash

Blog, 23 December 2019

The year the wrong Amazon burnt: 2019 in review

As the hype around “artificial intelligence” leveled off, the impact of automated decision-making made itself seen. Regulators and civil society fought hard to rein in Big Tech, but much remains to be done to achieve a good balance.

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Op-ed, 25 November 2019

Controversial service that ranked job seekers based on personal emails folds following AlgorithmWatch investigation

A Finnish company that automatically parsed the personal emails of job applicants to assess their corporate “fit” discontinued its service after reports by AlgorithmWatch and others raised questions about its legality.

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