Palantir, the secretive data behemoth linked to the Trump administration, expands into Europe

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AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organisation to evaluate and shed light on algorithmic decision making processes.
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Data Trusts: Why, What and How

How do we, the general public, gain greater control over the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is recorded, stored, processed and analysed, every day? Anouk Ruhaak about the concept of data…


“Explainable AI” doesn’t work for online services – now there’s proof

New regulation, such as the GDPR, encourages the adoption of “explainable artificial intelligence.” Two researchers claim to have proof of the impossibility for online services to provide trusted expl…


Germany’s data ethics commission releases 75 recommendations with EU-wide application in mind

A new document presented to the German government argues for more regulations in automated decision-making. AlgorithmWatch welcomes some proposals.


Defective computing: How algorithms use speech analysis to profile job candidates

Some companies and scientists present Affective Computing, the algorithmic analysis of personality traits as an important new development in HR. But the methods that are used are more than dubious and…


Ethical guidelines issued by engineers’ organization fail to gain traction

The world’s largest professional association of engineers released its ethical guidelines for automated systems last March. A review by AlgorithmWatch shows that Facebook and Google have yet to acknow…


First convening of the AlgorithmWatch Supervisory Board

On 1 October, the AlgorithmWatch Supervisory Board held its first meeting. We are delighted that Katharina de la Durantaye, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger and Steffen Wenzel will be supporting us…

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