Personal Scoring in the EU: Not quite Black Mirror yet, at least if you’re rich 

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AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organisation to evaluate and shed light on algorithmic decision making processes.
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CRAFT: Critiquing and Rethinking Accountability, Fairness and Transparency (ACM FAT* 2020)

The growing research field dedicated to scrutinize algorithmic systems in terms of fairness, accountability and transparency increasingly reveals blind spots, despite its interdisciplinary focus. The…


Mind The Algorithm

The question of whether automation benefits or damages us citizens is primarily a political one. No one should let themselves be told that only those who have studied mathematics or computer science c…


“Ethical AI guidelines”: Binding commitment or simply window dressing?

Thanks to many contributions our 'AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory' has grown to 83 entries and is finding global resonance. Time for a first interim review of what we have gathered so far.


AlgorithmWatch accepts invitation by Facebook to discuss company’s plans for creating oversight board

Next week, AlgorithmWatch will participate in a workshop organised by Facebook, convening representatives of the company and external stakeholders to discuss whether and how a Facebook-appointed board…

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