OpenSCHUFA data donation launches

As of now, you can donate your SCHUFA data at

Since the beginning of our campaign more than 20,000 people have already requested their free credit record via Those of you who have received a letter from SCHUFA can upload their data using the web app. This way you will contribute to scrutinzing the scoring process of Germany's largest scoring company and help us find out if it is really as fair and accurate as SCHUFA claims.

The development of the open source software and the implementation of the project was financed with help from more than 1800 supporters by crowdfunding.  An English version of the web app will be available soon. The data donation is scheduled to run until September. We will publish the first interim results in June.

Help us to find more data donors and spread the word!

We want to obtain results that are as representative and revealing as possible. In order to accomplish this, we not only need as many datasets as possible, but also data from people with low score values, to whom the SCHUFA has certified an increased, high or critical risk of credit failure.

Help us to find more data donors - especially those who have had problems with their SCHUFA score. We would be pleased if tenant protection associations, debt counselling or social associations would inform affected persons about OpenSCHUFA and encourage them to participate. Via you can still request your free Schufa credit record.

We are also interested in collaborating with regional and local media outlets that would like to work with us to promote OpenSCHUFA to people in their communities.

Tell others about OpenSCHUFA and recommend to friends, acquaintances and colleagues to request their free credit record. Share the call for data donation on Twitter and Facebook.