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24 February 2022


Joint Statement on Stakeholder Inclusion in the Code of Practice on Disinformation Revision Process

The Code of Practice on Disinformation is currently being revised to update commitments by platforms and industry to tackle the problem of online disinformation. In a joint statement with Access Now, Civil Liberties Union for Europe, and European Digital Rights (EDRi), we express our concerns over the lack of inclusion of third-party stakeholders in the revision process.

DSA milestone: EU lawmakers have responded to our calls for meaningful transparency for big tech

Joint Statement on the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) in the Council of Europe

A paradigm shift in German digital policies? – The newly presented German coalition agreement shows good approaches, but there is need for clarification

Civil society calls on the EU to put fundamental rights first in the AI Act

Holding platforms accountable: The DSA must empower vetted public interest research to reign in platform risks to the public sphere

EU policy makers: Protect people’s rights, don’t narrow down the scope of the AI Act!

Twitter’s algorithmic bias bug bounty could be the way forward, if regulators step in

Under Facebook’s thumb: Platforms must stop suppressing public interest research

Draft AI Act: EU needs to live up to its own ambitions in terms of governance and enforcement

Open letter calling for a global ban on biometric recognition technologies that enable mass and discriminatory surveillance

EU Commission asks foxes to stop eating chickens but does not build fence

Reclaim Your Face – A European Citizens Initiative to ban biometric mass surveillance

AlgorithmWatch’s response to the European Commission’s proposed regulation on Artificial Intelligence – A major step with major gaps

The DSA proposal is a good start. Now policymakers must ensure that it has teeth.

Civil Society Coalition Led by AlgorithmWatch Calls for Binding Transparency Rules for Online Platforms

Putting Meaningful Transparency at the Heart of the Digital Services Act

Our response to the European Commission’s planned Digital Services Act

AlgorithmWatch joins call for ‘Universal Advertising Transparency by Default’

Our response to the European Commission’s consultation on AI

States use of digital surveillance technologies to fight pandemic must respect human rights

Automated decision-making systems and the fight against COVID-19 – our position

Germany’s new media treaty demands that platforms explain algorithms and stop discriminating. Can it deliver?

Germany’s data ethics commission releases 75 recommendations with EU-wide application in mind

UN: Protect Rights in Welfare Systems’ Tech Overhaul

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