More Algorithms, more Watchers: New Faces at AlgorithmWatch

The deployment of automated decision making systems (ADM) grows exponentially – and so does the task to watch over this development. That's why we are very grateful for the much needed support from our new employees Lukas, Jasper, Nikolett, Sarah, and Tobias. We're also happy to welcome back Kristina in her new role as operations manager. It's great to have you!

Jasper Albrecht

Jasper is an intern at AlgorithmWatch in the department of public relations. He studied philosophy, politics, and economics in an interdisciplinary bachelor's program at the University College Maastricht. In his bachelor thesis, he investigated the ethical implications of AI taking increasingly part in our personal decision-making processes, in particular with regard to the consequences on human autonomy and individuality.

Nikolett Aszodi

Nikolett Aszodi joined AlgorithmWatch as a Junior Policy & Advocacy Manager. She holds a master’s degree in Global Studies from the Humboldt University and has a background in interdisciplinary research methodology and international public administration. Prior to AlgorithmWatch, she worked at the Civil Liberties Union for Europe where she focused on the impact of automated decision-making on fundamental human rights.

Lukas Hondrich

Lukas is a researcher at AlgorithmWatch and is currently working on the project “Labor rights and AI regulation in the EU”. Here, he investigates how workers and unions can co-govern data-driven, sociotechnical systems in context of the proposed EU AI Act. Prior to joining AlgorithmWatch Lukas engineered machine learning systems in the e-commerce and tech industry. He holds a master’s degree in cognitive-affective Neuroscience from TU Dresden and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from JGU-Mainz. 

Sarah Michot

Sarah Michot is a Junior Policy & Campaigning Manager at AlgorithmWatch. She studied Political Science and International Security at SciencesPo Paris with a focus on Human Rights and Project Management. Before joining AlgorithmWatch, she worked at Human Rights Watch, the German Institute for Human Rights and Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen.

Kristina Penner

Kristina is back at AlgorthithmWatch after her parental leave and takes up a new position. As Operations Manager, she is responsible for organizational, team and personnel development as well as internal processes and structures. Next to her previous work at AW, such as her co-authorship of the collaborative report Automating Society – Taking Stock of automated decision making in the EU, her previous experience includes projects on conflict-sensitive journalism, the use of media in civil society and stakeholder participation in peace processes in the Philippines. She holds a Master's degree in International Studies / Peace and Conflict Research from Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Tobias Urech

Tobias Urech is a campaigner and fundraiser at AlgorithmWatch Switzerland. He is currently studying for a Master's degree in Gender Studies and History at the University of Basel. Before joining AlgorithmWatch, he worked as deputy campaign manager at the Yes Committee on the federal referendum on the extension of anti-discrimination law and campaigned for issues in the field of LGBT equality. He currently also works as a personal assistant for Zurich National Councillor Min Li Marti.