Anouk Ruhaak

Research Fellow

Photo: Julia Bornkessel, CC BY 4.0

Anouk joined our team as a Mozilla Fellow in 2019 and then worked with AlgorithmWatch as a research fellow. She creates new models of data governance for the public good. As an architect and advocate of data trusts, she promotes models of data stewardship which safeguard privacy, and protect society from the negative externalities of data sharing. She works with AlgorithmWatch to advance our activities in the field of data donations, which we want to expand and establish as a method and tool for algorithmic accountability. Anouk worked as a consultant for the Open Data Institute and a data journalist for Platform Investico, where she researched investigative stories around surveillance and privacy. She has a background in political economics and software development, and founded several communities in the tech space.

Articles for AlgoritmWatch

Publication, 6 December 2020

Data trusts in Germany and under the GDPR

The report by Anouk, Ruhaak, Mozilla Fellow at AlgorithmWatch, considers alternative approaches to data governance, specifically data trusts.

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Project, 14 November 2019

Data Trusts: Why, What and How

How do we, the general public, gain greater control over the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is recorded, stored, processed and analysed, every day? Anouk Ruhaak about the concept of data trusts as a way to claw back some control over the digital utilities that we rely on for our everyday lives.

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