Dr. Jennifer Krueckeberg (she/her)

Former Fellow Algorithmic Accountability Reporting

Jennifer has recently completed an EU-funded PhD in anthropology in which she explored how digital media affect young people’s personal memory practices. Before embarking on her PhD, she worked as Lead Researcher at a London-based non-profit organization researching facial recognition, data exploitation, and surveillance in schools. As part of her fellowship, Jennifer investigated the impacts of algorithms on education, surveillance, and people’s everyday lives.

Articles for AlgoritmWatch

Story, 30 May 2023

Let the Games Begin: France’s Controversial Olympic Law Legitimizes Automated Surveillance Testing at Sporting Events

Building up from a decade of surveillance creep, the new French law is yet another example of how sporting events are used to normalize automated surveillance systems in public spaces.

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Foto von Jon Tyson auf Unsplash

Story, 10 March 2023

Reels of Fortune: Instagram-shaped memories for a bigger reach

The algorithm used to do it for us, now we do it for the algorithm: Platforms seek data on what people think good memories are. One user tells us how she constructs an end-of-year Recap Reel on Instagram.

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