Jessica Wulf (she/her)


Photo: Julia Bornkessel, CC BY 4.0
German, English, Spanish, Portugese

Jessica's research focuses on discrimination risks in automated decision-making systems (ADM systems). She conducts research in the project FINDHR - Fairness and Intersectional Non-Discrimination in Human Recommendation on the topic of fair algorithms in recommender systems for personnel selection. Furthermore, she gives trainings on the topic discrimination risks in ADM systems, which she developed in the AutoCheck project. Prior to AlgorithmWatch, Jessica was gender and diversity officer at a university and trainer for international volunteers. She studied psychology with a focus on work and education and international development.


Project9 March 2021

AutoCheck – Mapping risks of discrimination in automated decision-making systems

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Articles for AlgoritmWatch

Julia Bornkessel, CC BY 4.0

Interview with Jessica Wulf25 May 2021

“We’re looking for cases of discrimination through algorithms in Germany.”

The project AutoCheck investigates the risks for discrimination inherent in automated decision-making systems (ADMS). In this interview, project manager Jessica Wulf talks about the search for exemplary cases and how the project will support counselling centers and further education on the topic.

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