Naiara Bellio (she/her)

Former Fellow Algorithmic Accountability Reporting

Naiara is a journalist specializing in technology and digital rights. She coordinated the technology section of the fact-checking website for three years, where she dealt with disinformation phenomena related to people's digital lives. She has also worked for Agencia EFE in Madrid and Argentina and for As an AlgorithmWatch fellow, she focused on investigating the indiscriminate use of ADM systems by authorities and especially their use by Spanish administration institutions.

Articles for AlgoritmWatch

Foto von Bastien Jaillot auf Unsplash

Story26 September 2023

Spain under shock as schoolboys create fake nudes using generative models

In a small Spanish town, several schoolboys used generative models to create fake nudes of their fellow pupils. Police, prosecutors, and parents are at a loss on how to pursue a case that shows, once again, that women are the main victims of deepfakes.

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MidJourney - A student is taking an exam at her computer, seen from the back. Next to her, a cell phone on a tripod is filming her.

Story18 July 2023

200 students failed their exams. Automated proctoring could be to blame, but doubts remain 

In Spain, 200 students of the International University of La Rioja failed their exams. Some blame a glitch in the proctoring software, but it might have been a change in the system’s rules. University officials gave contradictory explanations, leaving students to fight against bureaucracy and the assessment of a machine.

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Photo by Tobias Messer on Unsplash

Story5 June 2023

ChatGPT-like models boom, but small languages remain in shadows

A lack of source material, investment, and commercial prioritization are all holding back the development of generative models and automated moderation for languages spoken in smaller countries and regions.

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CC-BY Nelson L. on Flickr

Story30 March 2023

Basque Country: how an algorithm to assess the risk of gender-based violence sees people from “different cultures”

Police in the Basque Country use an algorithm to predict gender-based violence. The tool's accuracy is unclear, and it leaves a lot of room for the personal opinions of police officers.

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