Sana Shah

Project Manager

Sana Shah is Project Manager for the projects DataSkop and Digital Autonomy Hub. Both projects raise questions in regard to digital ownership, analyze algorithmic decision-making processes and enhance skills to understand and critically reflect data-based systems. Sana Shah studied Political Science and International Development and researches questions on ethical, social and political implications of artificial intelligence. She works on the question of bias in algorithms as well as discrimination through algorithms. Sana Shah has profound experience in research management particularly in the field of integration and migration research. Furthermore she has also led various diversity and women`s* empowerment projects. Prior to joining AlgorithmWatch she was head of the department Network and Diversity Management at the German Center for Integration- and Migration Research. Her professional career also led her to work for the Berlin Institute for Migration and Integration Research at Humboldt-University of Berlin, the Office of the Central Women’s Representative at Humboldt-University, SOAS, University of London as well as the Austrian Foreign Ministry.