Algorithms help avoid wasting COVID-19 vaccine doses in France

In France, apps such as 'Vite Ma Dose' and 'Covidliste' have been developed to help avoid wasting COVID-19 vaccine doses.

'Vite Ma Dose' ('Quick My Dose'), created by data scientist Guillame Rozier with the help of colleagues found through Twitter, is a tool to detect Covid-19 vaccination appointments quickly. It "offers appointments available in your department in order to be vaccinated (subject to eligibility)", thanks to "algorithms" that "analyse the different vaccination appointment booking platforms in order to detect the available slots". Data from the Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia, Ordoclic and MaPharma health platforms are included.

"Vite ma Dose currently aggregates 2000 to 3500 vaccination sites throughout France," Rozier told CNET France. "In all these places, between 200 and 500 have availabilities, that is to say more than 10, even 15%." 

The aim of 'Covidliste' is not to waste a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine. As Huffington Post France puts it:

"Thanks to a link between the vaccination centers and the general public (including those people who are not among those prioritized for vaccination), the platform allows those who wish to register and be informed if a vaccine dose is available near home, for example due to a last minute withdrawal or an appointment that was left without a taker."

According to Covidliste's website, some 700,000 volunteers have registered on the platform so far, and "25,114 people have already been contacted by Covidliste for a dose of vaccine available. 1,792 of them confirmed their appointment with one of our 333 registered health centers and professionals."

The app was developed by Martin Daniel and Mathieu Ripert, in collaboration with Dr. Antoine Roux from Foch Hospital with the help of "a hundred volunteers."



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