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AlgorithmWatch suspends activities on X, formally known as Twitter

Starting today, AlgorithmWatch ceases publication on X/Twitter. The decision follows the continuous and rapid disintegration of the social network since its new owner took over a year ago.

Following a breakdown in moderation and the move away from the platform by scores of institutions, the platform ceased to be the digital public square where policy-makers and civil society interacted. As an organization advocating for human rights, a civilized and respectful debate is a condition for our engagement. X/Twitter currently does not provide this environment.

We will keep publishing on other channels, such as the Fediverse (Mastodon), LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and via our newsletters. We reserve for ourselves to resume our activities on X/Twitter should the situation change fundamentally. In addition to substantive factors, we always carefully weigh up the potential impact, the capacities of the social media team and the reading habits of our audience in making these decisions.

Today’s decision does not extend to AlgorithmWatch staff. While some quit Twitter on the day it was taken over by its new owner, others decided to remain active on the service to reach their communities.

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