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14 February 2024

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Ensuring Legitimacy in Stakeholder Engagement: The ‘5 Es’ Framework

The DSA foresees that external stakeholders – such as independent experts, civil society groups, and industry representatives – engage in its rollout and enforcement. To help ensure these processes' legitimacy, we have developed the “5 E’s Framework” encompassing the guiding principles: Equity, Expertise, Effectiveness, Empowering, and Expanding Competencies.

New study: Research on Microsoft Bing Chat

AI Chatbot produces misinformation about elections

AI and Sustainability

SustAIn Magazine #3 – A Different Take on AI: We Decide What AI Has To Do for Us

A data scientist had found that their work (the algorithm depicted on their laptop screen) has ‘jumped’ out of the screen and threatens to cause problems with a variety of different industries. Here a hospital, bus and siren could represent healthcare, transport and emergency services. The data scientist looks shocked and worried about what trouble the AI may cause there.

Making sense of the Digital Services Act

How to define platforms’ systemic risks to democracy

Country Analyses

New Study: Data Practices and Surveillance in the World of Work

Press release

New study on AI in the workplace: Workers need control options to ensure co-determination

AI and the Challenge of Sustainability: The SustAIn Magazine’s new edition

New study highlights crucial role of trade unions for algorithmic transparency and accountability in the world of work

AutoCheck workshops on Automated Decision-Making Systems and Discrimination

Policy Brief: Our recommendations for strengthening data access for public interest research

New magazine on how sustainable AI can be put into practice

How to combat algorithmic discrimination? A guidebook by AutoCheck

Data altruism: how the EU is screwing up a good idea

Sustainability criteria for Artificial Intelligence – evaluation approach presented

Tracing The Tracers 2021 report: Automating COVID responses

Domestic COVID certificates: what does the evidence say?

Making sense of digital contact tracing apps for the next pandemics

Digital contact tracing apps: do they actually work? A review of early evidence

Automated Decision-Making Systems in the Public Sector – An Impact Assessment Tool for Public Authorities

Towards accountability in the use of Artificial Intelligence for Public Administrations

In Italy, general practitioners and some regions adopt COVID-19 vaccine prioritization algorithms

HR Puzzle

People analytics in the workplace – how to effectively enforce labor rights

Analysis: Digital vaccine certificates – global patchwork, little transparency

Automating Society 2020 – Country issues Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland & Spain

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