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5 October 2023

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New research

ChatGPT and Co: Are AI-driven search engines a threat to democratic elections?

A new study by AlgorithmWatch and AI Forensics shows that using Large Language Models like Bing Chat as a source of information for deciding how to vote is a very bad idea. As their answers to important questions are partly completely wrong and partly misleading, the likes of ChatGPT can be dangerous to the formation of public opinion in a democracy.

Khari Slaughter for AlgorithmWatch

Automation on the Move

New project: Auditing Algorithms for Systemic Risks

SustAIn: The Sustainability Index for Artificial Intelligence

AutoCheck – Mapping risks of discrimination in automated decision-making systems – disputing automated decisions

Tracing the Tracers

Data Trusts


Automating Society

Towards a Monitoring of Instagram

In the realm of paper tigers – exploring the failings of AI ethics guidelines

Bestehende und künftige Regelungen des Einsatzes von Algorithmen im HR-Bereich

Arbeitsrechtliche Aspekte und Beschäftigtendatenschutz

Leitfaden zur Überprüfung essenzieller Eigenschaften KI-basierter Systeme für Betriebsräte und andere Personalvertretungen

Rechte und Autonomie von Beschäftigten stärken – Warum Gesetzgeber, Unternehmen und Betriebsräte handeln müssen

Data Trusts: Why, What and How

First stakeholder convening of the Governing Platforms Project to take place in October

Governing Platforms

AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory

Atlas of Automation





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