Christina Elmer


Christina Elmer is Professor of Digital Journalism and Data Journalism at TU Dortmund University. Previously, she worked in various positions in the editorial department of SPIEGEL, most recently as deputy head of development. From 2017 to 2019, she was part of the editorial team of SPIEGEL ONLINE. She is the second chairwoman of the association "Netzwerk Recherche" and was named "Science Journalist of the Year 2016" by "medium magazin." She also worked as a data journalist in the Investigative Research team at Stern magazine and at the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, and as a trainee at Westdeutscher Rundfunk in Cologne and Münster. Studied journalism and biology at TU in Dortmund.

Lorenz Matzat

Co-Founder and Shareholder

Photo: Julia Bornkessel, CC BY 4.0

Lorenz Matzat is co-founder and shareholder of AlgorithmWatch. He is an organizational developer, currently working on a non-profit journalism project in Switzerland and is a visiting professor at the University of Leipzig. Until the beginning of 2022, he was Head of Research & Development at AlgorithmWatch.

Matthias Spielkamp

Executive Director, Co-Founder & Shareholder

Photo: Julia Bornkessel, CC BY 4.0

Matthias Spielkamp is co-founder and executive director of AlgorithmWatch (Theodor Heuss Medal 2018, Grimme Online Nominee 2019). He testified before committees of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the German Bundestag and other institutions on automation and AI and was a member of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) from 2020-2022. Matthias serves on the governing board of the German section of Reporters Without Borders, the advisory councils of Stiftung Warentest, Freudenberg Stiftung and the Whistleblower Network and the Expert Committee on Communication/Information of Germany’s UNESCO Commission. He was a fellow of ZEIT Stiftung, Stiftung Mercator and the American Council on Germany. Matthias is editor of the Automating Society reports and has written and edited books on the automation of society, digital journalism and Internet governance. He holds master’s degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder and in Philosophy from the Free University of Berlin.