How does automated decision-making effect our daily lives? Where are the systems applied and what happens when something goes wrong? Read our journalistic investigations on the current use of ADM systems and their consequences.

Image generators are trying to hide their biases – and they make them worse

In the run-up to the EU elections, AlgorithmWatch has investigated which election-related images can be generated by popular AI systems. Two of the largest providers don’t adhere to security measures they have announced themselves recently.

“All rise for the honorable AI”: algorithmic management in Polish electronic courts

Campaign: ADM and People on the Move

The automated Fortress Europe: No place for human rights

Italy introduces entirely automated public tenders

Spanish inmates not to be automatically monitored in fear of AI Act

Austria’s social security invests over €50m in AI – just  for bookkeeping?

An illustration of the protagonists of the story. Top: Camille Lextray, Jerzy Afanasjew. Bottom: Anastasia Dedyukhina, Miriam Al Adib, Soizic Pénicaud.

Fighting in the dark: How Europeans push back against rogue AI

How not to: We failed at analyzing public discourse on AI with ChatGPT

Work inside the machine: How pre-saves and algorithmic marketing turn musicians into influencers

Greece is planning a €40m automated surveillance system at borders with North Macedonia and Albania

The year we waited for action: 2023 in review

Plant-identifying apps: good for amateurs, bad for students

Platform regulation

Not a solution: Meta’s new AI system to contain discriminatory ads

Some image generators produce more problematic stereotypes than others, but all fail at diversity

Algorithmic blood donations in Ukraine

Food delivery service Glovo: tracking riders’ private location and other infringements

Spain under shock as schoolboys create fake nudes using generative models

Generative Artificial Intelligence is slowly entering children’s lives

Automated navigation systems are still wreaking havoc on small towns’ streets

Algorithmic Accountability Reporting

Peeking into the Black Box

MidJourney - A student is taking an exam at her computer, seen from the back. Next to her, a cell phone on a tripod is filming her.

200 students failed their exams. Automated proctoring could be to blame, but doubts remain 

AI-powered surveillance

In Mannheim, an automated system reports hugs to the police

The Automated Hunt for Cybergroomers

ChatGPT-like models boom, but small languages remain in shadows

Let the Games Begin: France’s Controversial Olympic Law Legitimizes Automated Surveillance Testing at Sporting Events

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