AlgorithmWatch receives core funding from the Schöpflin Foundation

From automated credit scoring and recruitment by companies to predictive policing or visa issuing – the influence of automated decision-making (ADM) systems is growing and changing our society dramatically. This can have far-reaching consequences for social justice and civic participation. How can we ensure that this change takes place democratically, that those affected have their say, that their interests are taken into account and that the public is adequately informed? How do we guarantee that ADM systems are used for the benefit of individuals and society and that they increase participation rather than weaken it?

We are delighted to announce that the Schöpflin Foundation will support the work of AlgorithmWatch over the next three years with of 407,000 euros core funding. The Schöpflin Foundation is committed to raising critical awareness, fostering a vibrant democracy and a diverse society. “There is a great need to critically monitor and assess the use of automated decision-making systems in order to minimize risks and create a basis for democratic debate,” says Tim Göbel, Executive Director of the Schöpflin Foundation. “As the leading European research and advocacy organization, AlgorithmWatch makes a valuable contribution in this field. We are pleased to support the organization in its efforts to grow sustainably and independently and to further establish its position in civil society”.

One of the goals of the funding cooperation is to advance and implement AlgorithmWatch’s fundraising strategy. In addition, we will use the funding to sharpen our advocacy positions in order to communicate our goals clearly and effectively to journalists, political and private sector stakeholders, and the general public. Core funding plays an important role in this, as AlgorithmWatch’s Executive Director Matthias Spielkamp emphasizes: “Strengthening civil rights and social solidarity – and thus democracy as a whole – does not happen overnight. It takes time and long-term strategies, especially when it comes to complex topics such as automated systems and so-called Artificial Intelligence. That is why we need funders that are willing to strengthen organizations that pursue these goals. We are very glad to have found such a partner in the Schöpflin Foundation, which will accompany us on this difficult but also extraordinarily exciting path”.

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Published: February 5, 2020
Category: news

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