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Change of shareholders at AlgorithmWatch

Angela Müller, Head of AlgorithmWatch CH in Zurich, has become a shareholder of Berlin-based AW AlgorithmWatch gGmbH. Lorenz Matzat, co-founder of the organization and long-standing shareholder, has left the NGO to concentrate on his new company JETZT STUDIOS.


5 March 2024

Müller, who holds a doctorate in law and has worked at AlgorithmWatch CH since 2021, is a shareholder in the German non-profit organization since February, together with Christina Elmer, Professor of Digital Journalism and Data Journalism at TU Dortmund University, and AlgorithmWatch co-founder and Executive Director Matthias Spielkamp.

"The protection of human rights when dealing with algorithms and AI does not stop at national borders – and neither does our commitment," says Müller. "I am delighted to continue contributing to the work of our great team in my role as a shareholder."

Matzat founded JETZT STUDIOS together with Swiss journalist Rosanna Grüter in 2023. As they believe that generative AI will fundamentally change the world of media, they are going to support journalism and non-profit organizations in this process. Matzat: "Helping build AlgorithmWatch was special. My thanks go to Matthias, without whom this would not have been possible. I know the organization is in good hands with Angela."

"The first seven years of AlgorithmWatch were a wild ride, and it was great to have Lorenz as a creative and reliable partner at our side," says Matthias Spielkamp, co-founder of both the Berlin and Zurich organizations. "I wish him huge success with his new company and am delighted that Angela's being a shareholder will bring our organizations in Berlin and Zurich closer together."

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