Automating Society

The project ‘Automating Society’ aims at composing a previously unreleased mapping and analysis of automated decision-making (ADM) applications in the public policy sphere in Europe.


1 September 2020

Automating Society 2019

In 2019, the first edition of the report investigated the current usage and policy debates around ADM both in 12 European countries individually and at EU level. Read the 2019 report:

Automating Society – Taking Stock of Automated Decision-Making in the EU (also available as PDF).

The 2020 edition

Main objective of the second edition will be to focus our coverage on ADM in the public sector and – where possible – to highlight the opportunities and potentials of ADM.

The 2020 report will feature 17 chapters: 16 individual country studies and again a chapter with a lens on the EU level. In addition to the 12 countries covered in the frist edition, we were able to identify and get on board researchers from four essential countries with respect to regional representation and diversity of perspectives. The 2020 edition will now also feature Portugal, Greece, Estonia and Switzerland. The English version of the entire report will be supplemented by special country reports for several countries for which key chapters of the report will be translated into the respective national languages.

The report’s character will be changed to a more journalistic style, with one in-depth story per country serving as the country chapter’s introduction, followed by a list of examples of ADM use in the respective country – similar to the encyclopaedic style of the 2019 edition.

Objectives of the project

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Fabio Chiusi

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