The second group of AlgorithmWatch fellows is ready to go

We’re very happy to announce that another group of five fellows will work with us until December 2023 to research and publish stories about algorithmic accountability. They follow into the footsteps of our first six fellows.


23 August 2023


Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Last year, AlgorithmWatch started a fellowship program in algorithmic accountability reporting. Initially, we planned on opening a second round of applications, but the applications we received in November 2022 were of such high quality that it would have been a waste to just discard them and start again. Instead of asking prospective applicants to re-apply, we selected the next highest-ranked applicants from last year and invited them to the fellowship.

There will be at least one more opportunity to apply. Our next call for applications will start in October.

Samuel Hufschmid

Samuel works as journalist for Bajour, an online media startup in Basel. He studied journalism in Hamburg and Luzern and worked for different newspapers. His fields of expertise are data journalism and crowd journalism. He was the project lead for the “Who Owns Basel” research which was published at Bajour in 2021. For his data story about cheating in the Swiss national sport "Schwingen" (a version of wrestling), he was awarded the third place in the Swiss press award competition in 2023. He is 42 years old, father of two girls, and lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Stavros Malichudis

Stavros is a reporter and editor for Solomon, a Greek investigative outlet. He has worked for Agence France-Presse, has participated in cross-border investigations with Lighthouse Reports and Investigate Europe, and his work was published in major media in several European countries. He was shortlisted for the European Press Prize ‘21 and won the IJ4EU Impact Award ‘22. In 2019, he was selected as a fellow for BIRN's Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence (BFJE). He also was a fellow in data journalism at Columbia University in New York.

Sarah Pilz

Sarah is a freelance journalist from Germany. In her previous work, she has focused on research on environmental issues, the digitization of society, and cross-border investigations. Alongside her fellowship at AlgorithmWatch, she works as a network coordinator at Arena for Journalism in Europe.

Mathilde Saliou

Mathilde is a French journalist specialized in digital issues. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, she has worked for The Guardian, RFI, 20 Minutes, Les Inrocks, Next INpact, and others. In 2023, she published the book Technoféminisme, comment le numérique aggrave les inégalités (Technofeminism, how digital technology is exacerbating inequalities) with the French publishing house Grasset.

Alina Yanchur

Alina has specialized in data and investigative journalism. She has bylines with Euronews, EUobserver, and AlgorithmWatch. With a team of colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, she investigated the lobbying on the landmark EU proposal to regulate Artificial Intelligence, and found that it was designed to promote a widespread use of the technology in the public sector. As an AlgorithmWatch fellow, she will focus on researching the use of algorithms in courts and the mental health sector.

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