Spain: Legal fight over an algorithm’s code


Half a million Spaniards have been denied an electricity subsidy although they might be eligible. Non-profit Civio is going to court to obtain the source code of the software making the decisions.

Bad data and health: Garbage in, carnage out


French investigative outlet Mediacités recently revealed how design failures in the user interface of software used in the country’s second-largest hospital endangered patients’ lives. Such software i…

Poland: Government to scrap controversial unemployment scoring system


The Polish government has been forced to scrap a controversial scoring system for the unemployed after criticism by campaigners, judges and a human rights watchdog.

Sweden: Rogue algorithm stops welfare payments for up to 70,000 unemployed

By Tom Wills Automated decision-making has become a national talking point in Sweden, after a report by the country’s public broadcaster revealed thousands of unemployed people were wrongly denied ben…

Finnish Credit Score Ruling raises Questions about Discrimination and how to avoid it


In a case not well known outside Finland, a tribunal threatened to fine Svea Ekonomi AB for 100,000 euros on the grounds that it declined credit to a customer by using statistical models that are in v…

High-Risk Citizens


A software is used for detecting potential benefit cheats in the Netherlands. The government keeps quiet about how that works. Civil rights activists are taking the matter to court.

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