AlgorithmWatch accepts invitation by Facebook to discuss company’s plans for creating oversight board

Next week, AlgorithmWatch will participate in a workshop organised by Facebook, convening representatives of the company and external stakeholders to discuss whether and how a Facebook-appointed board could oversee the company's content removal practices.

Con Karampelas | Unsplash

In a series of posts since November 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other company representatives have outlined the company's plans:

On the one hand, AlgorithmWatch welcomes that Facebook is willing to discuss its removal practices with outside experts. On the other hand we are skeptical that the measures proposed by Facebook are suited to solve the existing problems. You can read about our reasons here:

Why Zuckerberg’s “Independent Governance and Oversight” board is not gonna fly (but some of his other ideas are at least worth discussing)

To learn more about Facebook's initiative and to bring our concerns and positions to the table, we decided to join the workshop, taking place June 24 and 25. The meeting is part of a consultation process Facebook is conducting to receive feedback on its plans:

In order to take part in the workshop, AlgorithmWatch had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, it is limited to details on particular content that will be used as case studies during the workshop. In case there will be any outcomes from the workshop that justify reporting, we will publish them here.

AlgorithmWatch will not receive a remuneration for participation. The workshop will include a dinner on the evening of day 1 that we plan to attend.

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