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10 Questions about AI and elections


If the UN wants to help humanity, it should not fall for AI hype

AlgorithmWatch proposals on mitigating election risks for online platforms

DSA Day and platform risks

Got Complaints? Want Data? Digital Service Coordinators will have your back – or will they?

Ensuring Legitimacy in Stakeholder Engagement: The ‘5 Es’ Framework

New study: Research on Microsoft Bing Chat

AI Chatbot produces misinformation about elections

Press release

Microsoft‘s Bing Chat: A source of misinformation on elections

New research

ChatGPT and Co: Are AI-driven search engines a threat to democratic elections?

A data scientist had found that their work (the algorithm depicted on their laptop screen) has ‘jumped’ out of the screen and threatens to cause problems with a variety of different industries. Here a hospital, bus and siren could represent healthcare, transport and emergency services. The data scientist looks shocked and worried about what trouble the AI may cause there.

Making sense of the Digital Services Act

How to define platforms’ systemic risks to democracy

Algorithmic Accountability Reporting

Peeking into the Black Box

Battle in Strasbourg: Civil society fights for safeguards against AI harms

Political Ads: EU Lawmakers must uphold human rights to privacy and free expression

Joint statement

A diverse auditing ecosystem is needed to uncover algorithmic risks

Open letter

DSA must empower public interest research with public data access

Call for Evidence: new rules must empower researchers where platforms won’t

The EU now has the means to rein in large platforms. It should start with Twitter.

France: the new law on the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games threatens human rights

A joint statement on Digital Services Act implementation at the national level

Platforms’ promises to researchers: first reports missing the baseline

A guide to the EU’s new rules for researcher access to platform data

Mastodon could make the public sphere less toxic, but not for all

Open Letter: EU must protect fundamental freedoms for online political speech

Civil society responds to the Council of Europe Treaty on AI

A guide to the Digital Services Act, the EU’s new law to rein in Big Tech

The Digital Services Act: It’s time for Europe to turn the tables on Big Tech

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