Launch of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland

AlgorithmWatch is now also represented in Switzerland - as a Swiss organization with its own team and new exciting projects.

As can be seen in the Swiss chapter of the Automating Society 2020 report, the influence of ADM systems on everyday life is growing in Switzerland, like in many other European countries. However, the somewhat unique federal structure of Switzerland means that the implementation of these ADM systems is subject to a diverse range of legal frameworks.

As a research and advocacy organization, AlgorithmWatch sheds light on the social, legal, and ethical implications of ADM systems that affect society. With the establishment of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland, we can now pursue these activities in Switzerland, supported by the Engagement Migros development fund. Managing director of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland is Dr. Anna Mätzener.

The team of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland is very much looking forward to engaging with more people and more organizations, starting new and exciting projects that build upon our existing network in the country and expanding it over the coming months and years.

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