Two new researchers join the AlgorithmWatch team

A warm welcome to Veronika Thiel and Sebastian Gießler, who are now working as researchers for the projects "Atlas of Automation" and "Automated Human Resources Management and Workplace Democracy".


12 November 2018

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Veronika Thiel, Senior Researcher

Veronika brings 14 years of experience in health and social policy in the UK, right  across microfinance, fair banking systems, poverty alleviation, integrated care and public health. In the last five years in particular, she has been increasingly involved with the use of big data and algorithms in the health sector. Veronika is convinced that algorithms can improve people’s lives,, especially in the health sector, but it needs great care and transparency in their development and implementation . Therefore, she is particularly interested in unintended consequences of algorithmic decisions, which can create or increase existing inequalities. At AlgorithmWatch, she is working on the project Atlas of Automation, which aims to capture and and shed light on the diverse applications of algorithms in everyday life.

Sebastian Gießler, Researcher

Sebastian studied Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy of Science with a focus on Philosophy of Social Sciences as well as Science and Technology Studies. He is particularly interested in the use of algorithms and 'big data' for the analysis and evaluation of social interconnections. Since the public debate often links far-reaching solutions for social problems with the term 'digitisation', Sebastian wants to investigate whether and how these promised solutions work and how they influence everyday life. At AlgorithmWatch, he is involved in the projects Atlas of Automation and Automated Human Resources Management and Workplace Democracy.