AlgorithmWatch appointed to ‘Global Partnership on AI’

Today was the kick-off of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), a founded by the EU Commission and 14 countries. AlgorithmWatch was appointed to the GPAI as one of the very few civil society organizations.

The Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), which was founded by the EU Commission and 14 countries, kicked off today. The GPAI serves as a nexus for international cooperation for the development of AI. The GPAI will draw on world-class experts to evaluate emerging AI technology and advise its memberstates accordingly. AlgorithmWatch is a member of the working group 'Responsible AI'.

“We are delighted to be part of the GPAI," said Matthias Spielkamp, Executive Director of AlgorithmWatch: " The key reason for creating our organisation was to critically assess the impact automated decision-making systems have on individual autonomy and the public interest, and to develop ideas to democratically govern these systems.”

The GPAI aims to develop a set of global standards on AI, covering a range of topics including "responsibility" and "data handling".

With regards to AlgorithmWatch's participation at the GPAI, Spielkamp said: “As one of the very few civil society organizations appointed to the GPAI, we will use our membership in the working group on ‘responsible AI’ to ensure as best we can that algorithmic decision-making processes are used to benefit individuals and society, and prevent that they are used to do harm. This includes the option to advocate for banning the use of AI-based optimisation technologies in certain fields of application.”

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