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Clara Helming
Senior Advocacy & Policy Manager

Open Letter: Big Tech won’t respect the new Digital Markets Act unless it can be enforced

Submission to the UN report on the right to privacy in the digital age

Council of Europe creates rules for Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Services Act: EU sets a new standard for platform accountability

DSA trilogues in the endgame: Policymakers must prioritize platform transparency

Joint Civil Society Briefing for the Digital Services Act Trilogues

YouTube Newsfeed

DataSkop: simulating the dynamics of recommender systems

AlgorithmWatch signs statement on ban of predictive policing in the Artificial Intelligence Act

Human rights and activities of tech companies: Governments must act

Joint Statement on Stakeholder Inclusion in the Code of Practice on Disinformation Revision Process

Don’t smile for the camera – stop automated facial recognition!

Costly birthplace: discriminating insurance practice

EU Parliament approves its negotiating position on the DSA

Data altruism: how the EU is screwing up a good idea

Fixing Online Forms Shouldn’t Wait Until Retirement

Platforms oppressing public interest research: EU Commission responds to MEP Breyer’s question concerning AlgorithmWatch

The year that was not saved by automated systems – 2021 in review

DSA milestone: EU lawmakers have responded to our calls for meaningful transparency for big tech

Inside Poland’s stay-at-home “selfie” app

Holding platforms accountable: The DSA must empower vetted public interest research to reign in platform risks to the public sphere

Facebook goes after the creator of InstaPy, a tool that automates Instagram likes

Marine National Park

National parks near Marseilles deploy automated, live video surveillance against poachers

Domestic COVID certificates: what does the evidence say?

YouTube cleaned its ‘news’ section… with content from Axel Springer

Instagram algorithm: Süddeutsche publishes results of data analysis

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