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Campaign: ADM and People on the Move

Borders without AI

29,000 people have died in the Mediterranean over the past ten years while trying to reach the EU. You would think that the EU wanted this tragedy to stop and scientists across Europe were working feverishly on making this happen with the latest technology. The opposite is the case: With the help of so-called Artificial Intelligence, the walls are being raised, financed with taxpayers' money.

Image by Studio Pauke for AlgorithmWatch

The algorithmic administration: automated decision-making in the public sector

Automating administration processes promises efficiency. Yet the procedures often put vulnerable people at a disadvantage, as shown by a number of examples throughout Europe. We’ll explain why using automation systems in the domain of public administration can be especially problematic and how risks may be detected at an early stage.

Italy introduces entirely automated public tenders

The neofascist government led by Brothers of Italy passed a law that encourages public institutions to entirely automate procurements, from the definition of needs to the selection of winning bids. The consequences are uncertain as such systems have yet to be implemented, but small communities will most definitely lose power and opacity will reign.

The Italian lower chamber by Conte di Cavour on Wikimedia Commons.

Spanish inmates not to be automatically monitored in fear of AI Act

Spanish region Catalonia’s government approved the use of an Artificial Intelligence-based software to monitor inmates and interpret their behavior. Partially funded by the European Union, the system was to be implemented at the Mas d'Enric prison near Tarragona, a city south of Barcelona, and extended to other regional prisons. Ultimately, it wasn't.

19 March 2024


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AlgorithmWatch proposals on mitigating election risks for online platforms

Despite hopes that the Digital Services Act could protect against online risks during upcoming elections, this looks increasingly unlikely due to delays and issues in implementation. The EU Commission has sought input on how to mitigate election risks, and AlgorithmWatch has responded.

"Voting" by justgrimes is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


19 February 2024

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Austria’s social security invests over €50m in AI – just  for bookkeeping?

The company that manages the technical infrastructure of Austria’s health insurance system passed a massive tender for AI services. The plan is shrouded in secrecy, even though the company’s track record urges caution.

View of the building hosting IT-SV's offices. CC-BY-SA Viennpixelart


14 February 2024

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DSA Day and platform risks

Got Complaints? Want Data? Digital Service Coordinators will have your back – or will they?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is the EU’s new regulation against risks from online platforms and search engines. It has been in effect since 2023, but 17 February 2024 marks “DSA Day,” on which many of the regulation’s most impactful provisions come into force.


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Campaign: ADM and People on the Move

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EU’s AI Act fails to set gold standard for human rights

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