Palantir, the secretive data behemoth linked to the Trump administration, expands into Europe

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Price-fixing algorithms can come, competition authorities are ready, they claim

In a new report, the competition authorities of France and Germany reviewed how algorithms could lead to cartels and price-fixing. They offer solutions, too.


New Swiss algorithm to desegregate schools, one block at a time

Two researchers from Zurich University created an algorithm that helps desegregate schools by slightly changing the boundaries of each school’s catchment area.


Busted internet myth: Algorithms are always neutral

For the new anthology 'Busted! The Truth about the 50 Most Common Internet Myths' Matthias Spielkamp clears up the myth that 'Algorithms are always neutral'.


Controversial service that ranked job seekers based on personal emails folds following AlgorithmWatch investigation

A Finnish company that automatically parsed the personal emails of job applicants to assess their corporate “fit” discontinued its service after reports by AlgorithmWatch and others raised questions a…


Data Trusts: Why, What and How

How do we, the general public, gain greater control over the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is recorded, stored, processed and analysed, every day? Anouk Ruhaak about the concept of data…


“Explainable AI” doesn’t work for online services – now there’s proof

New regulation, such as the GDPR, encourages the adoption of “explainable artificial intelligence.” Two researchers claim to have proof of the impossibility for online services to provide trusted expl…


Germany’s data ethics commission releases 75 recommendations with EU-wide application in mind

A new document presented to the German government argues for more regulations in automated decision-making. AlgorithmWatch welcomes some proposals.

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